British and German Battlecruisers

The Duke’s naval aspirations are very much a side project and posts in this section might be infrequent. In the meantime, so that visitors are not confronted by a blank page, here are some Great War Battlecruisers, by way of a ‘taster’.

(Left to right) HMS Princess Royal, HMS Queen Mary and HMS Lion

(Left to right) SMS Seydlitz and SMS Moltke

All models by Navwar (1:3000 scale) with a representation of masts added in wire, and based on thin plastic with ‘ocean’ effect added.


About Duke of Plaza-Toro

The Duke of Plaza-Toro is the alta-ego of John Chadderton, a middle aged male still reliving a childhood with toy soldiers and models. Born: Manchester UK, now a resident of Melbourne, Australia

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  1. That’s a very nice start to your blog. Like yourself I was a bit reluctant to start my own blog last year and didn’t actually do much with it for the first six months but I have now found that it has inspired me back into wargaming and gives me yet another reason other than just gaming for painting my units.

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